539 Steps to Success

Dundret’s on all of our top lists because it’s got little fun pockets for us year round. Winter is officially over when those 539 wooden steps, namely The Backhoppan, are visible. Time to trade in the splitboards for runners + get a weeks worth of cardio in a hot minute! It’s about 5min from Gällivare centre to Björnfällan, then a 2min jog to stair #1. Though the area is in the process of a facelift, the setting at the base still remains an eerie platform of an abandoned ski lift scene, with deteriorated work cabins from retro + the remains of the computer smashing scene from Office Space. But these stairs are a big hit here in Gällivare, with a crazy workout in the middle of nature + history, to a drool-worthy view from the top.
(bottom to top) Jana, Jenny, Emma + Ilse on the grind.

Jenny hauling on the the last bit- the hardest+steepest! (Always want to make sure your balance is in check at this point!)

I always cry a little when I reach the top step, the view of GVE is so vast+beautiful. Any following tears shed are of relief, achievement, wind in the eyes ; + on this day, from some reflection time together with Jenny, Emma+Ilse(the furry one), after a tough week IRL. Never underestimate the power of getting out in nature, especially with good friends!

Fika, always. And finding that spot with the feeling to host it. This was one of the ol’ shacks; decorated with car wash advertisement banners from the 80s, and some framing planks to sit on= primo. This time, someone* forgot the coffee, but we had the chocolate! Then got to continue the coffee part at Jenny’s house.

By Jana Lynn.



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